Gary Piotrowicz

Road Commission Officials
Title: Deputy Managing Director/County Highway Engineer
Phone: 877-858-4804

Deputy Managing Director/County Highway Engineer Gary Piotrowicz is a licensed Professional Engineer (PE) and Professional Traffic Operations Engineer (PTOE). He has been with the Road Commission since 1997 and held a variety of positions before being promoted to Deputy Managing Director/County Highway Engineer in January 2012. Among the positions he previously held, are: Director of Traffic-Safety, Traffic Signal Engineer, FAST-TRAC Planner and FAST-TRAC Project Manager. Prior to working for the Road Commission, Piotrowicz spent nearly three years at the Federal Highway Administration as a traffic operations engineer. He also spent a year with the National Engineering Technology firm as a traffic systems engineer.

Piotrowicz is widely recognized as a leading expert in the field of Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS - traffic-related technology) and serves on a variety of state and national committees related to this area. He has participated in the Federal Highway Administration's Peer-to-Peer Program (assisting other public agencies across the country), has participated in numerous Transportation Research Board (TRB) research panel teams, is the co-chair of the Institute of Transportation Engineers (ITE) Connected-Vehicle Task Force, is a former president of the Intelligent Transportation Society of Michigan (ITS Michigan) and previously served on the Transportation Research Board's Signal Systems Subcommittee.


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