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View current agendas and minutes for all boards and commissions. Previous years' agendas and minutes can be found in the Document Center. Adobe Reader may be required to view some documents. Get Adobe Acrobat. To speak at an RCOC Board meeting, individuals must first submit a completed "Request to Speak" form available here .
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Request to Speak During RCOC Board Meeting

  1. Guidelines for Speaking at a Board Meeting
    All speakers should limit their address to 5 minutes or less. Those wishing to offer a public comment must first complete a "Request to Speak" form. *The presiding Chair of the Board may deviate from these rules if necessary. 1. Please state your name, the community where you live and entity you represent (if applicable.) 2. Please indicate if you have a written statement so it may be accepted and entered into the record. 3. Please state all questions/comments clearly and briefly. Individuals may address the Board either on items that are on the agenda or on any other topic. Those addressing topics not on the agenda should do so under the "Public Comments" section, typically Item No. 4, of the agenda. Those addressing an agenda item will be given the opportunity to do so after a motion has been made and seconded, but prior to the vote being taken. In either case, individuals must first submit a completed "Request to Speak" form.
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