Weekend, Emergency and Short-Term Road Closures

Periodically, the RCOC has short term or weekend road closures for various heavy maintenance activities. Work is typically weather-dependent and the schedule could change.  



RoadProject LimitsCommunity or CommunitiesProject DescriptionRoad ClosureDetourPrime ContractorProject StartAnticipated CompletionProject Information
Crooks Road (PERMIT PROJECT)North of Maple RoadTroyCity of Troy water main workNo; however, the outside (right) lanes of northbound and southbound Crooks Road NoCity of Troy
8/10/188/24/18Traffic Alert
Pontiac Lake Road (PERMIT PROJECT)Irwindale Drive and Wadsworth StreetWaterford TownshipStorm sewer workYesCrescent Lake Rd to Highland Rd (M-59), back to Pontiac Lake Rd and vice versaCortis Brothers T & E Inc. on behalf of the Waterford School District8/14/18 & 8/21/188/14/18 & 8/21/18Detour Map

Pontiac Lake Road Closure
Rattalee Lake Road (PERMIT PROJECT)Bridge Lake Road and Ellis RoadSpringfield TownshipPipeline maintenanceYesBridge Lake  Rd to Knox Rd to Ellis Rd, back to Rattalee Lake Rd and vice versaBuckeye Pipeline8/13/18

Detour Map

Rattalee Lake Road Closure
Union Lake Road (PERMIT PROJECT)Cooley Lake Road and Cooley Beach DriveWhite Lake, West Bloomfield and Waterford townshipsRoad improvements and underground utility work to accommodate future developmentYesUnion Lake Rd to Elizabeth Lake Rd to Williams Lake Rd, back to Union Lake Rd and vice versaRonnisch Construction Group8/20/188/31/18Detour Map

Union Lake Road Closure
Wood Trail (subdivision road)South of Drahner, between M-24 and Newman RoadOxford TownshipCulvert replacementYes, closed to through vehicle traffic. Polly Ann Trail (a pedestrian/bike trail) is closed on both sides of the road.No set detour, residential traffic is maintained north and south of closureAngelo Iafrate Construction Company 2/24/18         Road closed due to culvert failureTBA (delayed due to additional work that includes sanitary sewer, water and DTE utilities)Polly Ann Trail Closure

 Photo Gallery: Wood Trail Culvert Replacement

 Photo Gallery: Inkster Road Emergency Closure

 Oakland Press article regarding Polly Ann Trail closure (4/11/18)