Oxbow Lake Road Culvert Replacement over the Huron River (North of Cedar Island Road)

PROJECT LIMITS: Oxbow Lake Road, north of Cedar Island Road

COMMUNITY: White Lake Township


  • Remove and replace a culvert under Oxbow Lake Road that carries the Huron River.
  • Replace with an aluminum culvert.
  • New guardrail.
  • Asphalt paving in the vicinity of the culvert.
  • New headwalls and wing walls.



START DATE:  September 5

END DATE: Mid-November

ROAD CLOSURE AND DETOUR: A portion of Oxbow Lake Road will close and the established detour is Cooley Lake Road to Bogie Lake Road to Highland Road to Teggerdine Road to Elizabeth Lake Road back to Oxbow Lake Road and vice-versa

Access to the boat ramp will be maintained just north of the road closure. 

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