Orchard Lake Road, 13 Mile to 14 Mile Road


PROJECT LIMITS: 13 Mile Road to 14 Mile Road

COMMUNITY:  Farmington Hills

FUNDING:  The $7.3 million dollar project is seventy percent funded with federal money. The remaining costs are shared by the Road Commission for Oakland County (RCOC), Farmington Hills and Oakland County general government (through the Tri-Party Program). 


Work includes:

  • Removal of road and repaving with asphalt.
  • Concrete reconstruction on Orchard Lake Road between Hunters Lane and Rexwood Street. Includes a four lane boulevard.  
  • Center left-turn lane will be removed from south of Rexwood Street to 14 Mile Road and replaced with a center median.
  • Construction of a roundabout south of 14 Mile Road at the Orchard Lake Plaza driveway (existing traffic signal will be removed).
  • Concrete curbs and gutters.
  • Drainage improvements.
  • Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)-compliant pedestrian crossing upgrades
  • Concrete sidewalks.
  • HAWK signal for pedestrian crossings at new roundabout.


CONRACTOR:  M.L. Chartier

PROJECT START:  March 21, 2022


CLOSURE: Yes, northbound Orchard Lake Road will close to through traffic during construction. Access to businesses will be maintained throughout the project.  Southbound Orchard Lake Road will remain open to traffic.

DETOUR: Detour for northbound Orchard Lake Road traffic is 13 Mile Road to Northwestern Highway, back to Orchard Lake Road. 

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