Avon/Dequindre Road Roundabout & Bridge Project COMPLETE

Project Limits/Partner Communities/Funding

Project limits:  Avon Road, John R Road to 23 Mile Road, and Dequindre Road, Hamlin Road to 23 Mile Road

Partner communities:  Macomb County Department of Roads, Rochester Hills and Shelby Township

Funding:  The $8.7 million project is funded through federal dollars, the City of Rochester Hills and the Road Commission for Oakland County.  

Project includes:

  • Roundabout construction at Avon Road/Dequindre Road intersection (starting in March of 2022)
  • Roundabout construction at Avon Road/23 Mile Road (will be done in conjunction with Great Lakes Water Authority work) 
  • A three-lane road between the roundabouts with a continuous center, left-turn lane (part of Great Lakes Water Authority work)
  • Avon Road bridge replacement over the Clinton River (bridge work starts early November, 2021)
  • Pedestrian facilities to connect the three adjacent parks and Yates Cider Mill
  • Stabilization of the Clinton River banks
  • Reconstruction of Avon Road, including milling and resurfacing between Cider Mill Boulevard and new roundabout at Dequindre and Avon Road.
  • Updated pathways both sides of Avon Road
  • Construction of a retention pond and placement of decorative concrete with aesthetic features
  • High-intensity Activated crossWalK (HAWK) pedestrian crossing devices at roundabouts
  • Utility relocation (in progress) 
  • Great Lakes Water Authority watermain replacement
  • New curbs and gutters
  • New guardrails
  • Storm sewers
  • Tree removal (expected to start on Nov. 1)  

Contractor/Timeframe/Road Closure/Detour:

Contractor:  Z Contracting 

Start date:  Nov. 1, 2021, for Avon Road bridge demolition (over the Clinton River) 

Approximate end date:  August 13, 2022 OPEN TO TRAFFIC

Call 877-858 4804 or email: dcsmail@rcoc.org

Work Zone Camera:


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