Crack Sealing

Crack sealing is placing specialized materials into cracks on a road. Often looks like unique configurations (squiggly lines), meant to keep water and other matter out of the crack and the underlying pavement layers. This preventative maintenance procedure helps with the amount of potholes by reducing how much water can get under the pavement.   This method is done on heavier traveled roads.  

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The list below are the current areas scheduled to go through the crack sealing process. Please note this is equipment/weather-dependent and subject to change.

2018 Crack Sealing schedule to be announced.

Road (2017) Boundaries
Ray Rd Lapeer Rd to 650' east of Oxford Rd
Novi Rd Grand River Blvd to 12 Mile Rd
Orchard Lake Rd finish Walnut Lake Rd to Maple Rd (carryover from 2016)
Middlebelt Rd 8 Mile Rd to 12 Mile Rd

Crack Sealing
Crack Sealing