Ideas Business Owners Have Previously Used

  • Make staffing decisions that will be appropriate for your projected business workload during construction.
  • Plan and prepare for different scenarios of how construction may impact your business.
  • Gather customer contact information so you can stay in contact with them during construction.
  • Prepare customers, suppliers and employees for upcoming construction so they can expect it. Let them know you are open for business and tell them how they can access your business.
  • Consider partnerships with other businesses impacted by construction.
  • Market your business ahead of construction.
  • Utilize Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc..) to inform and attract new customers.  
  • Get advanced information about changes to parking, roadway configurations, etc.
  • Maintain positive relationships with construction workers. The workers will be around you business on a daily basis and can become new customers.
  • While some projects may use signs that denotes business access, make sure your signs surrounding your business are clear, so customers know how to access your business. 
  • Consider additional advertising and promotions during construction to draw attention to your business.
  • Communicate regular project updates to your customers, suppliers and employees.
  • Consider offering new or special services to better accommodate customers during construction. These services could include extended or adjusted business hours or new delivery options.
  • Host an open house or plan a special event for your customers to bring attention to your business and celebrate your customers.
  • Stay informed about the status of the project.
  • After construction, celebrate with employees, suppliers and customers who were part of your business during construction.
  • Consider new markets that may be exposed to your business as a result of the construction.
  • Evaluate your marketing and advertising strategies post-construction.

Thanks to the Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) for much of this information.