Submit a Permit Extension or Renewal Request

Read the following conditions carefully, then click the "I Agree" link at the bottom of the page to fill out the appropriate forms.

Directions & Information for Contractors Renewing or Extending an Existing Permit

In order to extend the expiration date of a permit or to renew an existing permit when work has not begun; it will be necessary to satisfy the following:
  1. You must make a written request to extend or renew the permit. The request must include a schedule for completion of the work.
  2. You must provide to us a current certificate of insurance. It is necessary that the name insured on the new insurance certificate be the same name as that used on the face of the permit.
  3. We will extend the permit or renew it to the date shown as the earliest expiration date on the new insurance certificate.
  4. The Road Commission for Oakland County must be a named certificate holder on the certificate. If the Road Commission for Oakland County is not shown as a certificate holder, we will not extend or renew the permit.
  5. Upon receipt of your written request to extend the permit or renew it, we will review the work as described on the permit in comparison to existing conditions along the road on which that work is proposed. If conditions have been changed, we may request a modification of the permit to reflect those existing conditions.
  6. We will request payment of any outstanding invoices or work authorizations associated with that permit and we will discuss progress of any work already undertaken with the Permit Inspector responsible for that area.
  7. We will review the deposit, inspection fees and bonds associated with the permit. If conditions merit, we may request additional financial security prior to extending or renewing the permit.