Request Final Inspection & Release of My Permit

Read the following conditions carefully, then click the "I Agree" link at the bottom of the page to fill out the appropriate forms.

Directions & Information Final Inspection & Release

Upon completion of the work covered by a permit, it is necessary to request a final inspection and release of the permit. Please complete the form provided to you at the time of permit issuance, print a form on line, or call the Department of Customer Services - Permits at (248) 858-4835 and ask that we fax you a form.

Complete the form and fax it to 248-858-4773, email at or mail it to us. This will start the process for releasing your bond and refund or billing of any fees. The type of work and the season of the year effect the length of time required to release a permit. Some permits, for example, require establishment of vegetation. Typically those permits will be released in early summer following completion of the work. Additionally, the inspector may have required certain repair work by the contractor. The permit will not be released until that work is completed.

If you need assistance in completing the Final Inspection and Release Form or have questions regarding a release, please contact us at 248-858-4835.