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 Computerized Salt Spreaders

SEMSIM involves the increased use of computerized salt spreaders on the salt trucks. These spreaders more efficiently regulate salt use, meaning less salt is unnecessarily applied to roads. Each SEMSIM truck is equipped with a computerized salt spreader. The spreaders better regulate the use of salt and, through SEMSIM, continually send data back to the snow managers about how much salt is being applied and where. The computerized spreaders regulate the spread rate based on vehicle speed. As the vehicle slows down and stops, the amount of salt being spread is reduced or stopped. This means that these vehicles are not still spraying salt while they are idling at traffic lights or in traffic jams. Salt is a critical part of winter road maintenance in Southeast Michigan: No other substance is as effective at eliminating snow and ice, which is necessary to ensure safe roads. Because the safety of motorists is the top priority, salt is used to make the roads safe in winter. However, excess salt is not good for the environment and the SEMSIM partners are committed to helping the environment.