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 Customized Software

SEMSIM’s map-based computer interface provides snow managers with real-time data about each truck, including location and status (plowing, salting). The software also allows playback of winter storms to help identify potential improvements. Storm statistics, such as driver hours, truck miles and amount of salt used, can easily be summarized in tabular reports.

SEMSIM Map-Based Computer Screen
Here’s how it works. When a snow manager looks at his computer screen, he sees a map similar to the one above. The colored “traces” show him where his trucks are and have been. The color of the trace tells him how long it has been since the truck was in that location and what the truck was doing when it was there. For example, a blue trace might indicate the truck was plowing, while a red trace might indicate the truck was salting. After 30 minutes, the trace would change to either dark red or dark blue, to indicate time passage. After an hour, the traces would change to gray. If the computer screen is “live” it would show the traces moving as the truck travels. Additionally, the snow manager can click on the truck number icon and gain a variety of information about the truck and its activities. He can also send “canned” or custom message to each truck or to a group of trucks or all trucks through a few key strokes. This puts a wealth of information at the manager’s finger tips, which allows him to better manage his fleet.