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Doing Business with RCOC
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 Doing Business with RCOC

 Doing Business with RCOC.

Welcome to the Road Commission for Oakland County's Purchasing Division web page.

The Purchasing Division provides assistance to RCOC departments and divisions for the cost-effective and efficient purchase of goods and services, under the direction of the Board of County Road Commissioners.

Purchasing is responsible for procurement of non-construction purchases and contracts and for the bid process of items over $15,000. Our goal is to ensure the procurement of goods and services that meet the quality levels required by the using departments, and that will enable RCOC to provide safe and convenient roads for the traveling public through Oakland County.

We invite interested businesses and suppliers to participate in RCOC’s purchasing process. You may review current invitations for bids by clicking on the menu selection to the left.

For non-road-construction project bids, bid tabulations from Nov. 1, 2015, to Feb. 1, 2016, are available for review in the "Final Bid Tabulations" menu item at left. Bid tabulations for bids received after Feb. 1, 2016 are at Bid Express. For road-construction projects, bid tabulations are available for review at Bid Express.

Surplus materials for sale by the Purchasing Division are listed and may be viewed by clicking on the menu selection to the left. Interested parties are encouraged to follow the instructions stated to inquire or bid on materials available.

Questions regarding purchases or the bid process should be directed as follows:
  • Non-construction goods and services: Purchasing Division, (248) 858-4796
  • Construction contracting: Engineering Department, (248) 645-2000, ext. 2265

Notice to vendors/contractors: 

In an effort to make the solicitation process more efficient and cost effective for both vendors and the agency, the Road Commission for Oakland County has adopted an electronic bidding process for all types of solicitations. Electronic bids may be submitted at the website as the primary method of bid submission. For a limited time (Feb. 1, 2016, through Sept. 1, 2016), paper bids will continue to be accepted, but it is strongly recommended vendors become familiar with the electronic process as soon as possible to prepare for future plans to only accept electronic bids.

Secure electronic bidding allows vendors to:

·  Eliminate late bids due to weather, mail, and traffic delays

·  Minimize bid disqualification due to omissions

·  Reduce costs removing delivery, printing, and resource costs

·  Bid and re-bid until the last minute 

·  Download bid documents including plans for free

·  Validate bid bonds online

Learn more on the vendor resources page or this vendor overview PDF.

All electronic bidders must first register on to create an Info Tech Digital ID for free, which is used to digitally sign bids. Digital IDs/Signatures assure the agency knows who the bid is really from (forgery resistance), ensure nobody can alter a bid (non-repudiation), prevent information in a bid from disclosure to unauthorized parties (secrecy), and safeguard that even authorized parties cannot access them prior to the public opening (sealing).

It can take up to five business days to process your Digital ID and it is highly recommended that a Digital ID be enabled 48 hours in advance of submitting an electronic bid. Please plan accordingly. See the Bid Express Vendor Guide for a detailed step-by-step walk-through. Instead of paying paper bidding costs (hand or hired delivery costs), a fee of $25 will be incurred for those who wish to bid electronically on a pay-per solicitation basis. Alternatively, you may subscribe for $50 per month for unlimited electronic bid submission for all agencies posting solicitations on the website, plus get email notifications by agency/work type/commodity code.

For bidders who are bidding online and wish to utilize the electronic bid bond option, please see the FAQs page regarding electronic bid bonds (bottom of the page in the link).

For additional guidance, please contact the Bid Express team at toll free (888) 352-2439 (select option 1) or at


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