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 Road construction projects available for bid

Please select the links below for Projects Currently Available, Plan Holders List and Bid Tabs.
  • Projects Currently Available: This section includes links to RCOC's Engineering, Traffic-Safety and Highway Maintenance projects currently available for bid.
  • Plan Holders List: This is a list of all companies that have picked up a bid package for each project currently available.
  • Bid Tabs: This includes the tabulation of all bids received for recently awarded projects.

 Projects Currently Available

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Advertisement Worksheet for 2015 County Wide traffic Signal Underground bid Letting 09.30.14Attachment
Advertisement Worksheet for RFQ Southbound Longitudinal Joint Repair 09.30.14Attachment
Advertisement for General Consultant RFQAttachment
Advertisement for Geotechnical Consultant RFQAttachment

 Plan Holders List

Winter Maintenance Bid letting 11.04.14
Plan Holder List for 2015 Traffic Signal ....Southbound M-5
Plan Holders List for Crack Sealing bid letting 09.23.14

 Bid Tabs

Bid Comparison for 2015 County Wide Traffic Signal Underground Work
Bid Tab for Crack Sealing Bid Letting 09.23.14
Bid Comparison for Green Lake Road Bid letting 09.09.14
Bid Comparison for HMA Pavement Repairs for letting 08.19.14
Bid Comparison for Long Lake Road letting 08.19.14
Bid Tab for Crack Sealing Multiple Areas for letting 08.19.14
Bid Comparison for Grand River Avenue & Meadowbrook Bid Letting 08.05.14
Bid Comparison for Livernois Road 52223
Bid Comparison for Maybee Road 52083
Bid Comparison for Green Lake Road 52402
Bid Comparison for Pontiac Lake Road 52244
Bid Comparison for Walnut Lake Road 52231
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