Avon Road, Dequindre to 23 Mile Road

Project Limits/Partner Communities/Funding

Project limits:  Avon Road, John R Road to 23 Mile Road, and Dequindre Road, Hamlin Road to 23 Mile Road

Partner communities:  Macomb County Department of Roads, Rochester Hills and Shelby Township

Funding:  The $8.7 million project is funded through federal dollars, the City of Rochester Hills and the Road Commission for Oakland County.  

Project includes:

  • Roundabout construction at Avon Road/Dequindre Road intersection (starting in March of 2022)
  • Roundabout construction at Avon Road/23 Mile Road (will be done in conjunction with Great Lakes Water Authority work) 
  • A three-lane road between the roundabouts with a continuous center, left-turn lane (part of Great Lakes Water Authority work)
  • Avon Road bridge replacement over the Clinton River (bridge work starts early November, 2021)
  • Pedestrian facilities to connect the three adjacent parks and Yates Cider Mill
  • Stabilization of the Clinton River banks
  • Reconstruction of Avon Road, including milling and resurfacing between Cider Mill Boulevard and new roundabout at Dequindre and Avon Road.
  • Updated pathways both sides of Avon Road
  • Construction of a retention pond and placement of decorative concrete with aesthetic features
  • High-intensity Activated crossWalK (HAWK) pedestrian crossing devices at roundabouts
  • Utility relocation (in progress) 
  • Great Lakes Water Authority watermain replacement
  • New curbs and gutters
  • New guardrails
  • Storm sewers
  • Tree removal (expected to start on Nov. 1)  

Contractor/Timeframe/Road Closure/Detour:

Contractor:  Z Contracting 

Start date:  Nov. 1, 2021 for Avon Road bridge demolition (over the Clinton River) 

Approximate end date:  August 2022 (for reopening of the road including the bridge over the Clinton River and the roundabout at Avon Road/Dequindre Road)

Road closure:  Yes

Detours starting November 1, 2021:

Avon Road detour is John R to Hamlin Road to Ryan Road to 23 Mile Road and vice versa.  During this phase, access to business and park property maintained.  (Avon Road will be closed from John R to 23 Mile; however, access homes businesses and parks will be maintained. Avon Road just east of Dequindre Road will completely close for bridge demolition and reconstruction staring Nov. 1) 

Dequindre Road detour is Hamlin Road to Ryan Road to 23 Mile Road, back to Dequindre Road and vice versa.  (Access to homes and businesses will be maintained)

During construction, the Clinton River under the bridge is currently closed to boating traffic for safety reasons.    

Call 877-858 4804 or email: dcsmail@rcoc.org

Work Zone Camera:


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