The federal Better Utilizing Investments to Leverage Development (BUILD) Transportation Discretionary Grant program is intended to direct federal transportation funds toward transportation projects that stimulate the economy on a national or regional basis. Learn more about the grant program here. RCOC applies annually for these funds and received one of the highly competitive grants in 2017 for safety improvements on North Holly Road in northern Oakland County.

In 2019, RCOC submitted a BUILD Grant application seeking $16,820,000 for the reconstruction of the Brown, Giddings and Silverbell corridor in Orion Township/Auburn Hills. The limits of the project are Brown Road from Jamm Road to Giddings Road; Giddings Road from Brown Road to Silverbell Road; and Silverbell Road from Giddings Road to M-24. 

The Silverbell Road bridge over the railroad tracks is not included in the scope of the project because it was recently constructed and is in good condition. The Brown/Giddings/Silverbell corridor provides access to facilities operated by a number of large, national corporations such as General Motors (the high-tech Orion Assembly Plant), FedEx and Waste Management. Most companies located in the project area generate heavy freight traffic and rely on the corridor for their freight transport.

These roads were last fully reconstructed in 1981 and were resurfaced in 2003. The reconstruction of these roads is necessary today as they are in disrepair. 

The completion of this project will provide a reliable and efficient thoroughfare for the mobility of goods and services, as well as supporting jobs and the economy by promoting regional growth and operations.

Grant Application Video - A look at the corridor and an interview with the General Motors plant manager.

Story Map - An interactive look at the corridor.

Project Location Map

Governor Whitmer's Interview - Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer is an advocate for the improvement of this corridor and is a supporter of increased transportation-network investments.

Crain's Forum: The road-funding divide is a canyon -  This article from "Crain's Detroit Business" discusses the economic impact of poor roads at the local level, and specifically addresses how the condition of Giddings, Silverbell and Brown roads is negatively impacting the General Motors Orion Assembly Plant.