Dead Deer

In 2018, Oakland County had the most vehicle-deer crashes in southeast Michigan according to the Southeast Michigan Council of Governments (SEMCOG).  1,851 incidents were reported county-wide.   

Our staff does their best to clean-up after vehicle-deer crashes. If the dead deer is in the travelled lanes of the road, RCOC will prioritize it for pick up. If the deer is on the side the road, RCOC will pick it up when time and staffing permits. Matters related to safety always take precedence on roads throughout Oakland County.  

Deer are also known to carry many ticks. Tick diseases, most notably Lyme Disease, is often the culprit for long term health issues. So, our employees have to be extra cautious when picking up dead deer and often use equipment. Did you know that 2018 is predicted to be another terrible year for ticks?    

Ticks in Michigan

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To report deer-related issues, please call us at 877-858-4804 or fill out our form on-line at: Contact Us

Remember, while driving, never veer for deer! Here are a few safety tips:
  • Stay awake and alert
  • Wear a safety belt
  • Most deer are active in the early morning and at dusk/in the evening; pay close attention when driving by wooded and farmland areas
  • If you see a deer, SLOW DOWN; there are likely more nearby
  • Never swerve; instead brake slowly, stay in your lane and bring the vehicle under control if the crash is unavoidable
  • The safest action is actually hitting the deer

Here is short safety video entitled:  "Don't Veer For Deer"

How to Deal with Deer

Deer Crossing Sign