Traffic Control

  1. FAST-TRAC Controls

    Traffic patterns change constantly in many Oakland County intersections. Learn about how FAST-TRAC monitors traffic patterns and responds instantly.

  2. Real-Time Traffic

    View a map of real-time traffic in Oakland County.

  3. Stop Signs

    Stop signs installed in the wrong places for the wrong purposes usually create more problems than they solve. One common misuse of stop signs is to arbitrarily interrupt traffic, either by causing it to stop or by causing such an inconvenience that motorists are forced to use other routes.

  4. Traffic Impacts of Development

    Traffic volumes have been growing in our area due to development, and it's not likely that the necessary road improvements will occur before the traffic problems get really bad. If the increase in traffic is the result of the development, why not get the developers to pay for some of the costs of needed road improvements?

  5. Traffic Signals

    Often developers proposing a new subdivision or shopping mall hope to get the Road Commission to install a traffic signal at the entrance to their development to make it easier to get in and out.

  6. Warrants for Traffic Control Devices

    A warrant for any traffic control device (sign, signal or pavement marking) is the minimum criteria that must be met before such a device can be installed.