Natural Beauty Roads

Is there a road in Oakland County you think has significant native vegetation and is worth pointing out to others? Here is your chance to highlight this road for others to enjoy. Let’s share some of the wealth of natural beauty that Oakland has to offer.

If you would like to find out more about Natural Beauty Roads, please review the following documents, or view our Natural Beauty Roads brochure.
Adopt a Road Sign
  1. Designated Natural Beauty Roads

    View a listing of Designated Natural Beauty Roads.

  2. Introductory Letter

    As you perhaps know, the goal of the Natural Beauty Road Program is to preserve in a natural, essentially undisturbed condition, certain county local roads having outstanding or unusual natural beauty by virtue of native vegetation and/or natural features within or associated with the right-of-way.

  3. Petition Form

    View the form to designate a natural beauty road.