Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. How much money does a penny of gas tax generate in Michigan, and for Oakland County?
  2. Are all of our taxes going to fixing the roads?
  3. Won't a "children at play" sign help protect our kids?
  4. Doesn't all the development taking place in Oakland County mean lots of new money for roads?
  5. How are road funds divided between the state and local road agencies?
  6. Statistics indicate that we've all been driving more. Doesn't that mean more gas tax revenue?
  7. How does the Oakland County Federal Aid Task Force Funding Committee rate projects?
  8. How are federal funds distributed in Oakland County?
  9. Is RCOC spending all its money in some other community?
  10. Why isn't litter pickup at the top of the Road Commission's priority list? Whose responsibility is it?
  11. Are mailboxes a safety concern?
  12. Why doesn't Oakland County have more mass transit?
  13. Which roads are plowed first? Why does it take so long for our subdivisions to be plowed?
  14. Why not just require road agencies to be more efficient? How about privatizing some of the services they provide?
  15. Does the Road Commission plan for future projects?
  16. What is the Road Commission doing to help protect our environment?
  17. What do road improvements cost RCOC?
  18. Does Oakland County have special road problems?
  19. Why can't we use speed bumps?
  20. How are speed limits determined and by whom?
  21. Will a stop sign slow traffic on our street?
  22. What steps are involved in starting and completing a road project?
  23. What can we do about the traffic congestion problem in Oakland County?
  24. Why don't developers pay more for adding traffic to our area?
  25. How does the Road Commission determine when and where to put a traffic signal?
  26. What are "warrants" for traffic control devices?
  27. What about using property taxes for roads?
  28. Why not eliminate Oakland's donor status?
  29. Why aren't the roads widened before multiple housing projects (or commercial developments or other traffic generators) are allowed?
  30. What are the different levels of road jurisdiction?
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