1. Seasonal Restrictions-Pavement & Grades

    As of Monday, November 28, 2016 there will be no further cutting of pavement or opening of grade due to the onset of air temperatures below freezing. This restriction is in place until the Spring of 2017. For emergency or urgent situations, please contact:

  2. Adopt-A-Road

    Want to participate in some constructive civic action and get yourself, your company, or civic organization some local attention? The Road Commission sponsors an Adopt-A-Road program to allow companies, organizations or individuals to contribute to the process of keeping Michigan beautiful.

  3. Inspectors

    Access contact information for our offices and inspectors.

  4. Permit Fees

    Each item listed below should be a separate application. Many projects will have more than one permit required – one for approach and related work and another for underground utility connections. Please direct any questions to (248) 858-4835 or Each application requires 3 sets of plans unless traffic signal and/or ped push button work is proposed, which requires 5 sets of plans.

  5. Permit Specifications & Guidelines (PDF)

    View our permit specifications and guidelines.

  6. Residential & Commercial Permits

    This is your one-stop-shop for how-to answers, permit forms, instructions and specifications. Choose from the permits or forms below. For each, there is a short introduction and directions page and then the form itself.

  7. Truck Operator's Map

    RCOC's map showing which roads and bridges have weight restrictions.

  8. Weighmaster & Transportation Permits

    The Weighmaster Division of the Road Commission enforces rules and regulations for the movement of oversize and overweight vehicles on roads under the jurisdiction of the Road Commission.

  9. Permit Holder Notifications

    This page links to our notifications page, where anyone can sign up to receive notifications from our permits department